Boxshot VR 1.2

04 Feb 2014

It is time to get your Boxshot VR updated! We have just released a very nice new version that is definitely worth having a look :)

It’s all about HTML5

This version features a completely new VR engine that supports background loading and inertial rotation. Visit our gallery to see it yourself.

You can now customize the HTML title and we’re going to add more customizable options in the future.

Boxshot VR engine is now more CMS-friendly and should work fine with WordPress and other content management systems.

What has been dropped

Some of the features have been dropped with this release:

  • Boxshot VR doesn’t re-scale or re-save images anymore. There are lot of image-optimization tools that you may use instead, if you like.
  • Boxshot VR does not support vertical wrap due to the low demand.

How to update

Boxshot VR itself can be simply installed on top of the existing copy - that’s easy. However, the HTML files created with the previous version of VR need to be re-generated. The new VR engine is completely incompatible with the old one.

Re-generate HMTL and image files, update your site and double-check that the VR object is properly positioned on the page. You can also leave the old VR objects and engine as is for old files and use the new version of Boxshot VR for new ones to make the update smooth.

Finally, if you use Boxshot VR to showcase your work offline you have nothing to worry about.

So click the “Download demo” button here and give the latest version a try!

Have a nice day!