Boxshot 5.7.2

09 May 2024

This is a bugfix update for some problems discovered recently, but it also adds a nice little feature for those who uses vector artwork with Boxshot.

Vector Artwork Rasterization

When you load a PDF or AI artwork to Boxshot it rasterizes the vector graphics so it can be used as a texture. Boxshot does that at 300dpi and it works pretty well in most cases.

However, if the physical dimensions of the artwork is low, say 3x2 cm or 2x1 inches, the pixel resolution at 300dpi is also pretty low — below 1000 pixels. This again might be OK if the small artwork is applied to a small object that doesn’t take much space in the final rendered image. This works unless you want a “macro” rendering that zooms to that particular object. This way you end up with a small object with low–resolution artwork being rendered close–up in 4K or something. This usually sucks…

This update adds that 300 dpi as an option to settings, so you can change that if needed.

The drawback is that it applies to all the vector graphics and you can easily end up with plenty of 8K textures in your project. Again, this might be OK if you have a good hardware.

TLDR: Try keeping the balance and only change this option if you really need that.

Other Changes

The update fixes Fit to View tool that failed for some rotations and camera angles.

It also turns off the default shapes snapping for new installations and fixes some nasty crashes related to popup menus.

Getting the Update

Use the links below to download the latest version of Boxshot for your platform:

That’s all for now!