Boxshot 5.7.1

09 Feb 2024

This update adds the long awaited support for the units of measurements and more.

If you used the beta version, you can skip to the bottom of the page for the list of the recent changes. Otherwise, enjoy the list of new features in this update.

Units of Measurement

Boxshot has finally got inches and millimeters in case if you need them. You can switch in settings and use the favorite unit across the application.

Note that internally Boxshot still uses centimetres, so some rounding issues are possible, yet they shouldn’t really affect anything.


Boxshot has a pretty intuitive user interface, so other languages support was never a huge priority. However, as we’ve got inches, you probably expect to see Boxshot in your native language, too.

The good news is that this is now possible. The bad news is that it is up to you for now. See the Help→Language menu for details. You can open the translation editor there and teach Boxshot your language if you really need that. The idea is to keep the community–based translation for now. Let’s see how it works.

Read more about translating Boxshot…

Other Changes

Together with the previous beta–version, this update fixes the following issues:

  • Empty left panel in Loft Editor;
  • Fit To View improved for speed and handling of large scenes;
  • Resources can now be safely collected to the project’s folder;
  • sRGB color profile is now embedded to PNG files on saving;
  • Texture slot parameters in detached instances are now fixed;
  • Step and Repeat supports instance mode for object hierarchies;
  • Fixed Step and Repeat for lights;
  • Step and Repeat supports both world and object spaces;
  • Preview speed improved for large scenes with multiple selected objects;
  • Better gizmo behaviour when it is dragged with a mouse.

Changes Since The Last Beta

You gave a good test to the beta version. The main problem discovered was related to Step and Repeat tool in complex scenes. This is now fixed.

Besides that we improved the translation editor by fixing some issues and adding the Merge option to it, so you can do partial translations and then merge them together.

That’s it, enjoy your weekend!