Boxshot 5.6.3

02 May 2023

After some beta–testing we are happy to announce the first public release of Boxshot 5.6! Read on if you haven’t tried the beta yet.

Shrink Wrap

One of the main features of this update is the Shrink Wrap tool available through the Tools menu. It simulates the heat–shrinking film applied to the selected objects with many parameters to configure, so you get a close representation of the real process.

Shrink wrap tool in Boxshot

Read more about Shrink Wrap tool

Embedded Model Editor

You can now edit faces of embedded models. The new tool lets you select group of faces and detach them from the main object, so you can easily separate a complex third–party model for better texturing and applying proper materials.

Editing embedded model faces in Boxshot

Read more about faces editing

3D HTML Export

This update comes with a simple 3D HTML export. Consider using it as a replacement for 3D PDF format which now makes more issues than it solves. Only the basic features and materials are supported, but it is still far better compared to the 3D PDF format.

You can access the new format using the File → Export menu.

Scene Presets

You may notice the small dots next to the scene properties and scene lighting panels. They open the scene presets window:

Scene presets popup in Boxshot

Scene presets let you save all the scene parameters including environment, direct lighting, floor settings, reflections etc and re–use them later, when needed.

Other Changes

Besides that a number of other changes were made:

  • Hard cover books got Joint offset parameter for better configuring the cover elements;
  • Texture slots got Reveal file option in the context menu, so you can easily locate the artwork being used;
  • The new scattering tool was added, so you can make some chaos;
  • Boxshot prevents computer from falling asleep while rendering;
  • A rare problem with gusseted bags geometry is fixed;
  • Embedded model editor lets you rename meshes and materials by double–clicking them;
  • Decals placement has been improved for some complicated surfaces;
  • Jobs queued for rendering can be removed from the queue;
  • JS API changed for Lathe and Extrude shapes and for scene object;

Some other minor changes and fixes were made here and there to improve the overall stability and quality of the application. The new release is well worth trying, so grab your copy right now!