Boxshot 5.6.1 beta

30 Mar 2023

Another beta release of Boxshot 5.6 with improved shrink wrap simulator and some old new features.

Shrink Wrap Improvements

We’ve got a lot of feedback for shrink wrap simulator and most of it was about the initial film setup. In this update we made it much more flexible with the Wrapping mode option.

By default Boxshot tries to wrap the film as close to the shape contours as possible, making it pretty similar to how it works in real life. Another wrapping mode lets you use a flat film (good with gravity) and finally the old “Box” mode is also there.

New interface for Shrink wrap modelling tool

Besides that we improved the film preview, so you can now see the seal and film direction (both are now adjustable). Finally, there is a barely visible “Presets” button that lets you save your favorite film configurations for re-using them later:

Shrink wrap film presets panel

You can find more details about the new features in our updated Shrink Wrap modelling tutorial.

Scene Environment Presets

Presets are nice, so we also added them to the scene settings panels:

Scene environment presets panel

Presets store everything related to the scene environment: background settings, floor parameters, environment itself, sun lighting etc. You can save any configuration and re-use it later.

Note that only paths to background and environment images are saved to presets, not the files themselves. If you use your own artwork consider keeping the files intact, so Boxshot can find them later.

3D HTML Export

We added export to 3D HTML format in this update. Consider using it as a 3D PDF replacement, as we are going to deprecate it one day. It is not as advanced as Koru, but is much better and much more predictable than 3D PDF. The output files are somewhat smaller, too.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. For complex scenes and advanced effects, consider using Koru (as usual).

Other Changes

One more feature is added to texture slots. Now if you right-click the texture slot button, you will see the new “Reveal in Finder/Explorer” option in the popup menu. This way you can easily locate the artwork file say to run an editor.

Note that it only works for custom artwork you loaded. Boxshot cannot show you the internal and default artwork, as it is not accessible directly.