Boxshot 5.3 beta

29 Mar 2021

This is the first beta version of Boxshot 5.3 with ARM Mac support and some other improvements.

ARM Mac support

Boxshot now comes with native ARM Mac support, so you can get the most of your shiny new Mac. Although the new M1 processor does not look as good in rendering as it looks in other tasks, it is still quite fast and the native version is more than 30% faster, than the Intel one running with Rosetta.

User interface updates

Although looking pretty much the same, internally the user interface has been significantly re–worked and must run much smoother.

You will also notice that some of the modal pop–ups are now running inside the main window, which lets you for instance edit one scene while rendering another. Just make sure you opened that scene first.

Other fixes and improvements

Besides the listed above, this update comes with some extras:

  • omni lights can be made invisible, so they just cast light, but don’t get rendered themselves;
  • embedded models dimensions added;
  • “Extrude” and “3D Text” shapes got extra parameters for side mapping;
  • OBJ file importer improved;
  • fixed crash on loading Boxshot 4 projects with missed 3rd party models;
  • fixed crash in batch rendering of empty scene.

More new features are coming in the next update, as this one is mostly about the testing of ARM build and the updated user interface. Your feedback is essential, so please let us know if you have any issues with this version.