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Boxshot 5.3.6

27 Aug 2021

This is a first stable release of Boxshot 5.3 and it comes with features increasing the rendering speed. Read on for more details.

Realistic Lighting Mode

Boxshot 5 does a good job of computing physically correct lighting of the scenes. However, this is quite time–consuming and is not always needed.

This update adds an option that lets you cut some corners and render scenes much faster.

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Rendering on GPU

This update adds GPU rendering option, but only for the latest M1 Macs.

Although the renderer itself works on Intel, the performance is far from acceptable even on the latest models from 2019. So unless you have a new ARM–based Mac, consider using the CPU renderer instead.

GPU rendering on Windows will be available in the near future.

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More Rendering Options

Boxshot Professional and Ultimate got “Draft Quality” checkbox replaced with some more options, including time–based rendering. Now you get more control on the time you spend on rendering.

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On Top Of That

Here is a list of other changes, compared to version 5.2: