Boxshot 5.3.5 beta

09 Jul 2021

This update improves transparency rendering, adds missing bits to Metal renderer and brings some other new things.

Transparency Rendering

The update addresses scenarios where semi–transparent scenes are rendered on semi–transparent or completely transparent background. There should be no artifacts there anymore, all the edges and transitions should be clear and accurate, both in CPU and GPU modes.

The CPU renderer got updated translucent medium rendering algorithm which provides more physically–correct results.

Metal Renderer Status

The Metal renderer got all the features implemented and now provides exactly the same results as the CPU one. It supports all the materials and lighting features, all the bump types and rendering modes, realistic and simple lighting — everything must be the same.

Our tests show similar CPU and GPU performance on Apple M1 chips, but due to a different rendering approach in Metal renderer you’ll most likely get less noise with the GPU renderer if it works for the same time as the CPU one. We suggest to use Metal renderer in time–based mode and mostly for production rendering. On the older hardware you might want to consider using the CPU rendering instead, but give both a try and use the better one for each particular scene.

Other Changes

Here are some other changes we’ve made:

  • Step and Repeat tool got extra parameters to copy shapes in all the directions;
  • Dimensions calculation fixed for embedded models;
  • Shadow rendering improved for all the bump modes for transformed textures;
  • Floor shadows and inner reflections got better in simple lighting mode.

This version is now feature–complete and we are going to test it for a couple of weeks before removing the beta tag and releasing it to the public. Give it a try and let us know if something goes wrong.