Boxshot 5.3.4 beta

04 Jul 2021

This update changes the way the floor is rendered (a bit) and further improves the Metal renderer.

Floor Rendering Changes

We’ve changed the floor rendering to make it more consistent with the other materials in Boxshot. Now regardless of the ray direction the floor is completely opaque to shadow rays and acts as a diffuse surface for rays reflected from other diffuse surfaces (even if the floor is reflective).

This may affect the scenes with custom environment images, as the light from below the floor is not reaching the objects above the floor anymore. The scene is now lit by the upper hemisphere of the environment texture if the floor is enabled.

If this sounds too complex, you will most likely not notice any changes at all, except if you use reflective floor. In this case you may get a slightly brighter image which can be changed back by reducing the floor diffuse intensity in the scene settings panel.

Metal Rendering Improvements

We’ve added omni lights to Metal renderer and improved the rendering of rough reflective surfaces to get the same results as with CPU rendering.

Floor shadow rendering was improved to properly process multiple light sources, normal bump support was added, and some node visibility issues were fixed.