Boxshot 5.3.2 beta

19 Jun 2021

This update fixes many small issues you reported for the previous build and improves Metal renderer on Mac.

OpenGL Preview

There was a number of issues with OpenGL preview in the last update, like group movement problems or even crashes when step and repeat or stack tools were used. This is now fixed and you should have no problems with preview anymore. Let us know if something still doesn’t work as expected.

Thickness and Normals

While working on GPU rendering we discovered and fixed some issues with built–in shapes. This includes CD and DVD boxes, bottles, jars and yoghurt packs. Some of the shapes had minor issues with normals, some had overlapping geometry etc — everything is fine now.

Also, the GPU rendering requires geometry to have at least minimal thickness, so we added it to shapes like planes, images, booklets, flexible bags, pill blisters etc. You will hardly notice any changes in Boxshot, but may get better results when exporting shapes to other software.

Other Changes

The update also addresses problems with image stacks where the number of images was not editable. All the image stacks also got the “Unique fronts/backs” options, so you can apply different artwork to each image in the stack.

There was a problem with pharma bottle caps which is now fixed. Lathe and extrude editors got better curve selection algorithm. Simple lighting rendering mode now takes light colors into account.

Metal Renderer

We have added simple transparency support to Metal renderer. Refraction and medium parameters are not implemented yet, so all the translucent materials are considered non–refracting for now. Transparent background is supported. All known crashes and hangs have been addressed, so the Metal renderer is much more stable now.

The next step would be to add refraction, medium color and bump support and your feedback is essential. Please let us know about your experience with GPU rendering in Boxshot.