Boxshot 5.2.5 Beta

14 Aug 2020

This update improves books some more, to make sure all the boxes are ticked. It also fixes some other minor issues and adds some features. Read on for more details.


The Wrapped artwork parameter of the hard cover book is now limited by 3 centimeters and in case if the wrapped artwork is longer than the space between the cover and leaves — the artwork is cropped. Otherwise, it is stretched up to fill the space. This way you can apply artwork both with and without bleeds to hard cover books.

We reduced the minimal thickness for all the books, so you can make them really thin if needed.

Sample projects (shown at startup or using File → Welcome Screen… in the menu) were updated to use the new books.

Other Changes

Job manager got a sorting option in settings, so you can now have new jobs at the top of the list.

Collada export has been improved to better match the specification and common sense.

Floor shadows on transparent background have been fixed and now looks as dark, as they should.