Boxshot 5.2.4 Beta

07 Aug 2020

This update adds some final touches to the new books, making the software almost ready to be released as a non–beta version. Keep reading for more details of the new version.

What’s New?

Hard cover books got Wrapped artwork parameter measured in centimeters instead of percents. They also got more dust jacket options for thickness and artwork placement.

Paperback and magazines got some extra cover parameters for wrapping artwork to the edge.

Book editor for “Manual” mode got nice new icons instead of the old temporary buttons. Some issues were fixed there, as well.

Some other minor issues were fixed here or there.

Overall, this version is now fully feature–complete and we really hope to release it out of the beta soon. There are just a few cosmetic things left to be done and we should be good to go.

New Tutorials

As the new books are slightly more complex compared to the old ones, we’ve added “Help” buttons to each book’s panel and to the book editor. Both buttons open the tutorials listed below:

Have a look there even if you tried the new books before. You might find something useful.