Boxshot 3D Packaging Mockup Software


Boxshot 5.2.3 Beta

25 Jul 2020

This update improves the new hard cover books with all the features you requested.

Full–Cover Artwork

You can now use a single artwork image for the whole book cover, as with the old books. The only difference is that you now have to define the width of the book (not the thickness) and Boxshot will do the rest, as usual.

This applies to both hard cover books and paperbacks. Magazines support the feature too, but the width is calculated automatically.

Hard Cover Book Improvements

More new options added to hard cover books:

We also improved the texture mapping of the headband and the inner part of the cover.

The new books are now considered feature–complete and we don’t plan adding new features to them (unless a really good reason is provided). Please give the new books a try and let us know if anything needs to be fixed. Otherwise the plan is to release one more update for the book editor and remove the beta tag.