Boxshot 5.1.3

24 Dec 2019

After about 3 months of beta–testing, here is the new stable version of Boxshot. Those of you who take part in our beta testing program may already know about its new features, the rest are welcome to read the post for more details.

Custom Shapes

In Boxshot Ultimate you can now right–click a selected object (or objects), then select Tools and Add To Shapes List… in the pop–up menu to add your shape to the left panel of objects. You can now re–use any internal or external shapes the way you want.

Custom shapes in Boxshot 5

You can read more about custom shapes here.

Embedded Models

This version adds a lot to embedded models. First of all, you can now right–click scene elements in embedded model editor and do some manipulations to geometry and mapping:

Embedded models options in Boxshot 5

This includes:

  • re–computing normals in automatic, soft and hard modes;
  • flipping normals and faces;
  • re–computing of texture mapping;
  • adding back–side geometry.

Note: custom mapping options are now available in the embedded models editor only. There is no way to configure them in the materials panel on the right. We automatically migrate your material settings for embedded models, the other shapes will be using their default mapping. Consider converting them to embedded models if you need custom mapping.

Pivot Point Operations

There are two new buttons for pivot point–related operations in the right panel of embedded models. You can now move pivot to the center of geometry, or move the center of geometry to pivot point.

This helps if your external model is not placed to a convenient location by default. More information about this is here.

Automatic Scale on Drop

Boxshot does not automatically scale down and center external shapes you drop anymore. It just places them the way they are designed and you can then manually adjust them, if needed. You can revert the automatic scaling in Settings, if you like.

More 3D Formats

Boxshot now loads STL, PLY and DXF model formats. OBJ format import and export has been improved to better support Origami 3 foil feature. FBX loader was changed to load normals better. Boxshot 4 projects with OBJ models are now loaded properly.

New Import 3D model item has been added to the File menu in the Ultimate edition of Boxshot, so you can pick a 3D model file instead of dragging it with your mouse.

Other Changes

Here is a brief list of other changes made in this version:

  • we’ve added (and enabled by default) a rendering speedup option that reduces rendering speed up to 20–30% on some of our test scenes;
  • two new command line options have been added for batch processing and conversion. See here for more details;
  • scene tree is now foldable;
  • decals UV mapping improved;
  • decals got Offset parameter to help avoiding z–fighting;
  • new Center camera on selection tool added;
  • Back and Up offsets fixed in step and repeat tool;
  • rendering preview has been improved for speed;
  • Mac dock icon displays the recently used and currently opened files in the right click menu;
  • output image format can be specified for queued jobs;
  • unnamed “render later” jobs now use their project names.

Here’s what has been done to shapes:

  • Image Fan shape got unique fronts and backs support;
  • Lathe shape got Align curve to floor option;
  • SVG import improved for Lathe/Loft/Extrude shapes;
  • Creme Jar shape quality improved;
  • Pharma Bottle and Creme Jar shapes got Label Offset parameter to deal with z–fighting;
  • Maximum books dimensions increased to 100cm;

There are many more small fixes here or there, some of them are discussed in the previous blog posts, so you are welcome to have a look there for more details.

Want to Test Betas?

You can join our beta–testing program by clicking Including beta versions box in the Updates section of Boxshot Settings. This way you get notified when we release beta versions, and can test the new features before others.

Your feedback is very welcome as usual :)

Happy Holidays!