Boxshot 5.1.2 release candidate

21 Dec 2019

Some minor bugs fixed and missed bits added here or there. This version has a good chance of becoming a public release.


  • Better support of non–uniform scaling in 3rd–party models;
  • FBX models import improved;
  • Better reflection mask support in OBJ format;
  • Creme Jar shape quality improved;
  • Pharma Bottle and Creme Jar shapes got Label Offset parameter to deal with z–fighting;
  • Decals got Offset parameter for the same reason;
  • Pivot–related functions of embedded models take visibility into account;
  • Back and Up offsets fixed in step and repeat tool;
  • Project loading errors should not be hidden by the startup splash screen;
  • Scene tree is now foldable (at last).

This is a release candidate, which means it will become a release version of 5.1 if no issues is found in the next few days. Please let us know if you have any problems with this version.

Have a nice day :)