Boxshot 5.0.7

25 May 2019

Here come some bugfixes for the problems you reported. No new features, just housekeeping stuff. We also believe the nasty crash has been fixed in this update, so please let us know if it happens again.

What has been done?

Here is the brief list of fixed problems in this update:

  • That big bad wolf crash that used to happen randomly while you work;
  • Errors when exporting really large OBJ files;
  • Errors and slowdowns when resizing binder shapes to extreme dimensions;
  • Incorrect shapes for extreme dimensions of books;
  • Misspelt error messages in conical labels editor;
  • Extra shadow in closed stepback book shape;
  • Non-working trash icon in job manager.

As you may see, these are mostly minor issues, which means this could be easily the last beta version before the public release of version 5. Give it a try and let us know if something still doesn’t work as expected.