Boxshot 5.0.6

18 May 2019

This update fixes various minor issues and adds a nice feature that must be there before we release version 5 to the public.

Render More

Of course we couldn’t just add Good Enough button to the rendering window without adding its Render More complement. Done, you’ll see that button right next to the saving button in the rendering window. It runs another rendering cycle on top of the existing image, further improving its quality.

This means you can effectively pause the rendering when necessary, save the results and continue rendering.

OpenGL Preview

We improved OpenGL preview even further to better display semi-transparent objects, especially on transparent background.

Some OpenGL-related issues have also been fixed, so you should expect more stable graphics after installing this update.

Other Improvements

Here is the list of other things done in this version:

  • Job manager got new user interface look;
  • File dialogs remember last used folders better;
  • Window menu displays partial paths if projects have similar names;
  • Loft editor user interface re-styled to match the new application look.

Overall, we’re getting closer to fixing all the current problems of the beta version and this means version 5 will be officially released quite soon. Please keep testing this update and contact us if you have any problems with it.