Boxshot 5.0.5

04 May 2019

In this version we added many raytracing-related parameters to the settings window, so you can fine-tune the process when needed. We also improved OpenGL preview and fixed some issues. Read on for more details.

Rendering Settings

There is a new section in the application settings window called Raytracing. It lets you specify how many CPU cores to use for rendering and how many iterations to do in draft and production modes.

Raytracing parameters in Boxshot 5 settings window

There is also Reduce preview resolution option that controls the quality vs speed balance of the raytracing preview by reducing the number of pixels really rendered.

Transparency in OpenGL

This update adds Koru-like transparency and refraction support to OpenGL preview. We are going to tune it up in the future, but even so far the results are quite impressive:

OpenGL refraction effect in Boxshot 5

That was the last big thing missed in OpenGL preview, compared to the raytracing one. There are some improvement areas here or there, but overall OpenGL preview gives roughly the same image as the raytracing one.

This takes us much closer to the public release of version 5, which is good :)

Other Improvements

Thanks to your feedback we fixed a couple of annoying issues and added some extra features. Here is the full list of what’s been done this week:

  • Fixed switching between preview modes with a shortcut;
  • Fixed hanging when switching between snapshots;
  • Converting to embedded model keeps children objects intact;
  • Fixed Quit issue on Mac;
  • OpenGL preview is enabled by default;
  • Fixed lighting in Welcome Screen demo projects;
  • Fixed images quality in Welcome Screen and Loft editor;
  • Fixed blurry preview in raytracing mode;
  • Disc boxes materials are improved to be more realistic;
  • Job Manager UI is improved a bit;
  • Mobile devices shapes have also been improved.

We still have that random crash issue both on Mac and Windows, which is traced down to the UI framework we use. Extra logging has been added, so if it crashes please send us the dumps and all the details of how and when it happens. We need this fixed before the public release and your help is very welcome.

Have a nice weekend!