Boxshot 5.0.3

20 Apr 2019

This is another update targeting OpenGL preview, but it also improves user interface and fixes some problems you reported. More information is inside, as usual.

Embedded Models

Before we start with the new features of this update, I want to show another new feature of version 5: embedded models. In Boxshot 4 when you drag external 3d model into the scene, Boxshot stored its path and loaded it every time you load the project. In version 5 Boxshot stores the model itself, instead.

Embedded models in Boxshot 5

This means you don’t need the external model file with your project anymore. Note that the artwork is still stored outside the project, so you can easily update it.

What does it give us? First of all, as the data are now inside the project, we can see and (best of all) edit embedded models:

Editing embedded models in Boxshot 5

For now, you can show and hide the parts of embedded models and re-assign materials. That’s good for 3rd-party models with extra details like backgrounds or multiple objects. Now you can hide them, leaving just the important parts. We’re going to add more options to the editor in the future.

Another nice feature is the ability to convert any shape to embedded model:

Converting shapes to embedded models in Boxshot 5

Say if you want a box without a top, you can convert the box shape to the embedded model, then open model editor and hide the top part. Easy.

OpenGL Preview Improvements

This update adds roughness, bump and floor reflection support to OpenGL preview mode. The goal is to match the raytracing mode to a good extent. Although some effects like realistic shadows or refraction are not achievable in hardware rendering, it is already sometimes hard to guess the preview driver for some scenes:

Comparison of raytracing and OpenGL previews in Boxshot 5

Other Changes

There are some other changes and improvements in this update:

  • Better shadows in OpenGL preview;
  • Better decals processing and rendering;
  • Longer “recently used files” list;
  • New “Crop texture” window design;
  • Rendering windows re-styled;
  • Settings window got a new design, too;
  • Many other UI aspects improved.

Please keep reporting any issues you have with version 5. The more issues we fix, the sooner we release Boxshot 5!

Have a nice day!