Boxshot 5.0.2

13 Apr 2019

This update fixes some problems you reported and also improves OpenGL preview. Read on for more details.

Preview Modes

Since version 4 Boxshot lets you switch between preview drivers using the View->Drivers menu. In version 5 we made it simpler by adding a special button to the toolbar (don’t like that icon btw, will re-design it):

Preview driver switching button in Boxshot 5

There are two preview drivers in Boxshot 5: one is hardware-accelerated and is based on OpenGL, another uses raytracing and works on CPU. The OpenGL driver works faster, but provides less accurate results. The raytracing one is slower and not that responsive, but the results match what you get in production. You can switch between them using the toolbar button, or by pressing Control-D on Windows or Command-D on Mac.

This update improves the OpenGL preview driver by adding support of direct and environment lighting, basic shadows, better transparency and so on. It also significantly increases its speed in complex scenes.

We’re going to support more rendering features in OpenGL driver to match the raytracing one as close as possible, but due to the OpenGL limitations we can’t make it 100% the same. However, it is still very convenient to use the OpenGL preview for complex scenes.

Other Improvements

This update also fixes some problems you reported:

  • Gizmo and decals are better controlled with mouse;
  • Comma is now accepted as a decimal separator;
  • Rendering can be started by pressing Enter in rendering settings window;
  • Pressing Escape does not completely close the rendering window, it just stops the rendering;
  • Shadows of reflective transparent materials have been improved in raytracing engine;
  • Devices have been updated to more modern, brand-neutral ones (breaking change).

Your feedback and bug reports are very welcome.