Boxshot 4.8.2

09 Feb 2015

Boxshot 4.8.2 fixes some recently reported issues. Make sure you updated your copies and use the latest version.

Batch rendering improvements

Boxshot now names output images after the source ones. This helps to match rendered files to their sources. We also added sorting when you drop image files to the batch list, so the whole process becomes more predictable.

Collada fixes

Collada import has been improved to load more files without issues. If you have a DAE file that doesn’t load - please send it to us, so we can fix this.

Intel graphics cards

Boxshot has issues with some built-in Intel graphics cards. We are in contact with Intel guys and they are working on this, but as they mostly focused on AAA-games, the progress is not as good as we’d like. That’s why Boxshot now detects Intel graphics and switches itself to the Simple GL driver by default.

If you have an Intel graphics card and miss the quality preview, simply go to the View menu, then select Drivers and click Advanced GL to swith it back. You might also want to try the Raytracer 2 (beta) mode, which gives a realtime raytracing preview.

Other improvements and fixes

The new raytracing engine has some issues with quite old Intel Xeon processors. Mac Pro users may have experienced unstable application behavior. This is now fixed.

We have also fixed the rendering settings window that started rendering even if the parameters were wrong. You probably never seen it, but anyway :)