Boxshot 4.4

29 Jan 2014

Boxshot 4.4 brings some long-requested features and may surprize some of you. Lots of changes, read the details below.

Scene tree and operations

A long-awaited copy/paste is finally here! Hurray! Do the right click on a shape or on the scene tree to see the new menu items there. Boxshot copies nodes with all the children, do not be surprized.

To keep things similar, Boxshot now deletes nodes with children, as well. Previous versions of Boxshot moved child nodes to the root and deleted only selected items.

The scene tree itself has been re-created from scratch to prevent expanding every time you do something. I know some people who will be happy to hear that :)

Fit to View

This is another feature that some of you are definitely missing. It is located in the central part of the toolbar and also available from the “Tools” menu. Basically, it zooms the camera onto the scene, leaving as less space around, as possible.

Give it a try, I really love it.

Publish to Augment

Guys from Augment made a cool mobile augmented reality viewer for point of sale (and more). As Boxshot is actively used in that area, we decided to join them and allow you to upload files to Augment directly from Boxshot. Look for the new “Publish to Augment” item in the “File” menu (Professional and Ultimate editions only).

You will need a free Augment account to upload your shapes and see them in augmented reality on your iPad or Android tablet.

After all, it is a nice mobile viewer for Boxshot shapes :)

New “Cap” shape

We added one more shape - Cap, the same cap as you see in bottle and tube shapes, just available separately. Use it to combine with your external glass bottle shapes to create complex scenes easier.

Other improvements

Sometimes on complex scenes graphics adapter starts working slow because of the large amount of memory used by textures. We have added a special option in the settings window called “Reduce textures resolution in preview” that solves the issue. It doesn’t affect the rendering, resolution is reduced only in preview.

Some minor bugs have been fixed in welcome screen and flexible bags.

Two bug-reports have been sent to Intel because of bugs in their drivers. One has been fixed so far :)

Some of you guys will see the message about subscription renewal. Everything should work smooth, just click the “Renew” button and follow the instructions to receive a new license. Or keep using the old version if you like. No pressure.

How to upgrade

Simply download the latest version and install it on top of the existing one. It’s that easy!


We’re going to release a new version of Boxshot VR in February and a new beta of Origami a little bit later. Then there will be Boxshot 4.5 featuring… Well, not now, watch this space for more news :)


Please drop a few lines below regarding your Boxshot 4.4 experience.