Boxshot 4.2

12 Oct 2013

Boxshot 4.2 is mostly a maintenance release aimed to fix the current issues. You can download it here - simply install the new version on top of the existing one.

Shapes improvements

Hard cover book texture mapping has been improved to avoid image cutting near the right edge. Old versions of Boxshot wrapped too much image around the edge. Now it is fixed.

All the books use separated cover mode by default, which means you can apply front, spine and back graphics independently. Of course you can switch back to the wraparound mode using a checkbox at the right panel.

DVD, Blu-Ray and Digipak boxes now support both separated and wrap-around cover images, as well as books. Slim CD box also features two modes, so you can apply images to specific sides, if you like.

Finally, cylinder shape now supports curved caps. Useful for bottle caps and pharma pills.

User interface goodies

Image modification detection has been improved. This means Boxshot will reload images better and more predictable. You should not see blank sides after changing and saving images in Photoshop anymore.

Some OpenGL-related improvements has been made, so Boxshot works better on low-level graphics and under virtual environments like Parallels on Mac.

This release also improves the application appearance under Windows XP. We still support that OS, even if the number of users is not that big. Please upgrade :)

External shapes improvements

Boxshot 4.2 features new PDF exporting engine which improves 3D PDF export quality. Texture crop and transformation details are now exported, as well.

Finally, some improvements has been made to Collada reader. Please contact us if you have a Collada file which doesn’t load well.

What next?

  • One more maintenance release is on the go.
  • A cool feature is under active development and will be released in Boxshot 4.3
  • More free shapes will be published soon :)

Have a nice weekend!

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