Boxshot 4.15.1

23 Jun 2018

The main feature of this release is the saturated reflection option that replaces color reflection masks. The mask has been reverted back to grayscale mode, as the new option works in a more natural way. There are some other improvements and fixes, so keep reading for more details.

Saturated Reflections vs Color Reflection Mask

According to the early feedback on the color reflection mask it was not what you expected. Got it, fixed. The mask is grayscale again, instead there is a “saturated reflection” option that lets you color reflection by diffuse texture.

You can read more about it here. Note, that the feature is not yet supported in Owlet/Koru export, until we release update for these apps. You can easily configure it manually there, though.

Other Improvements

Both Simple and Advanced GL preview drivers have been updated to better display HDR images. Environment reflections should look more realistic. Simple GL driver also got reflection masks support, which is essential for showing Origami models with foil.

Application startup time has been improved, projects are loaded a little bit faster.

3D PDF export issue related to reflection masks has been fixed. If you export to 3D PDF, this update it a must.

Some rare-case crashes have also been fixed.