Boxshot 4.14.1

24 Feb 2018

This update fixes some minor issues that you reported and adds a couple of features that didn’t make it to the main release a couple of days ago.

Here is the list of improvements and fixes:

  • Loft objects got two radiuses instead of one. Now you can separately control curves for front/back and left/right sides and make nice flat bottles;
  • Lofts and shapes can be dragged to your desktop from the editor and back for easier sharing;
  • Boxshot doesn’t quit on Mac when you close its last window;
  • Selection frame is rendered better on OpenGL preview when decals are visible;
  • Better loft blueprint drawing on low-dpi screens;
  • Better mouse zoom in Lathe editor on high-dpi screens;
  • Improved loading of projects with overriden UV mapping when raytracing preview is enabled.

There are some other minor fixes, but you hardly ever meet these issues, so they are not worth mentioning ;)

That’s All

Enjoy the new stuff :)