Boxshot 4.12

13 Oct 2016

This version comes with a new oscillation animation and a long-awaited multiple sides batch rendering. We also added some new shapes and fixed bugs here or there and are completely satisfied with the result. Hope you will like it, as well :)

Multiple Sides Batch Rendering

It’s like a single-side batch rendering, but you can now choose as many sides as you need. We made a separate menu item for it, as it is slightly more complex compared to the old one, but I hope you will find your way through all the settings.

The key thing is to place each set of images to a separate folder and give images names that you can later filter using wildcard masks. If all your front images have “front” word in file names, and all your back images have “back” - you’ll have no issues with the new renderer.

More details are in the batch rendering tutorial.

Oscillation Animation

That’s another animation we added in this release. You define the oscillation speed, amplitude and phase along two axis and Boxshot makes a perfect camera loop, showing your scene better.

Again, visit the oscillation animation rendering tutorial for more details.

Snapshots Improvements

We’ve added an option that lets you update snapshots with current scene parameters. Just right click a snapshot to see it in the context menu:

Also, since this version snapshots store more than just a camera position. We started with environment offset and intensity, but will probably add more later. Activated snapshots are now placed in undo/redo stack, so you can roll back any accidental changes.

New ‘Label’ Shape

This one is interesting. Its like a bended image shape, but instead of bending level you define the surface diameter and both dimensions and Boxshot does the rest:

It works with any round shape like lathe, mug, pharma bottle and so on. Only vertical walls are supported at the moment, but we’ll see how it goes :)

New ‘Pill’ Shape

That’s the “old new” shape. Just a pill from the pharma blister pack shape we added earlier.

This way you can make scenes with pills on the table or in the bottle, like the one above.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements and fixes we’ve made are:

  • Reflection-related issue for scaled shapes is fixed;
  • Overriden object-level UV mapping is now loaded well;
  • Pharma bottle got better detalisation;
  • Shadow is fixed on transparent background in raytracing preview;
  • Collada import improved;
  • Some USB shapes and tea mug have been improved for better reflections;
  • Put to the floor command is now available in scripting;
  • Project loading fixed, so incorrect parameters don’t affect it.

Looks good enough here, what do you think?


It would be nice to hear from you below in comments.

Cheers :)