Boxshot 4.1 is out of beta! Origami is also updated

07 Aug 2013

Boxshot 4 is already used by thousands of customers around the world, but we kept the “beta” tag to make sure we covered all the important things there. Now it is ready…

Please download the new version here.

Not a beta anymore

As I told in the previous post, Boxshot now understands embedded color profiles, so you don’t need to convert CMYK to RGB in order to get good colors - Boxshot handles this for you. Besides that, there are some other improvements:

  • PSD-files support has been significantly improved to support color profiles and transparency
  • Scripts and jobs got some fixes to handle relative paths better
  • Collada parser improved
  • Better unicode file names support on Windows
  • Materials panel at the left rewritten from scratch for faster preview
  • Windows installer improved
  • Some minor issues has been fixed, as well

Boxshot is now officially ready for production usage, so if the beta tag stopped you from upgrade - now it is the right time to do so.

Plans for Box Shot 3D

Box Shot 3D is retired. It has been working hard since 2005 and deserves some rest. Here are the reasons to upgrade if you haven’t done this already. The old site will be closed soon and then no Box Shot 3D license will be sold anymore.

You can still download Box Shot 3D from our downloads page, we still support customers, send lost serial numbers and so on, but no new releases or updates are planned for Box Shot 3D.

Origami 0.9.1

The second release for today is Origami. We fixed some issues that have been reported by customers, we also balanced saving speed and image quality, so you should get better images faster. Please visit Origami downloads page to update your installation.

What next?

We are going to release an update for Boxshot 4 within a month or so to fix some small issues, then we’ll start working on version 4.2 with some really cool stuff :)

The same for Origami - there will be one or two updates in August and September before it runs out of beta.


Thanks for your support and feedback, please go on - it is much appreciated.

Have a nice day!