Boxshot 4.0.21 - Lots of new shapes

04 Feb 2013

This release adds new shapes, some of them are completely new, others came from Box Shot 3D. Some old shapes were improved and some issues were fixed. The release is definitely worth trying, but please read the details first.


Well-known shapes from Box Shot 3D now look much better mostly because of the new materials. Let’s have a look at what we had in Box Shot 3D:

Binders in Box Shot 3D

Not bad, but it was in 2011. Now, in 2013 we need something slightly better and more realistic. Here is the same scene rendered by Boxshot 4:

Binders in Boxshot 4

See the difference? Let’s look closer, now you should definitely see it:

Comb and Wire in Boxshot 4

Notice the reflections on the binders, these little details seriously enhance the picture.

So, Boxshot now supports Comb, Wire and Coil binders in addition to Angle-D binder which has been added in the previous release.

Paper Bags

Another shape from Box Shot 3D. Haven’t been changed a lot, but handles are now optional. One more step out of beta :)

Paper bag in Boxshot 4

Digipak CD

In addition to Digipak DVD, Boxshot 4 now features Digipak CD box. Looks pretty nice, please feel free to use it in your mockups.

Digipak CD box in Boxshot 4

Pharma Bottle

This is something new for both Box Shot 3D and Boxshot 4, as the pharma bottle and vial are now the same shape with a lot of settings. See, this is the same bottle shape:

Pharma plastic bottle shape in Boxshot 4

Cool? Want more? Here is the same shape with other settings:

Pharma plastic bottle shape in Boxshot 4

Need more? No worries, here you are. Once again: it is still the same “pharma bottle” shape.

Pharma plastic bottle shape in Boxshot 4

I’m really proud of this feature, yet it probably needs a tutorial :)

And That’s Not All

It was a pretty busy month, we also improved tagged box shape (thanks to Greg and his stunning artwork), so it now has much better texture mapping and fits to images better.

We also improved 3D PDF export, fixed some bugs in Job Manager and improved the “Cancel” button in renderer, so it now works immediately.

The “Monitor” shape became more detailed, flexibles now save their settings better, and also some improvements has been done for Box Shot 3D files import.

As I said above, it was a busy month for us. Now it is your turn to download and test the new version.

Spread The Word

Boxshot grows out of the beta and needs some PR, so please let me know if you can help to spread the word. Basically, if you have a site or blog with the relevant audience, you may get a free license (or upgrade, or maintenance subscription) for a review. Please contact me first, so we can discuss the details.


Thank you :)