Boxshot 4.0.19

29 Nov 2012

Our second release is mostly about external shapes and the demo mode. If you haven’t tried Boxshot 4 yet, we’ve got some good reasons to do it now.

External Shapes

Previous release of Boxshot had some texture-related issues with external shapes. This is now fixed. Boxshot also tries to load and show images mentioned in 3D files. So if your 3DS or FBX file has an image name inside, Boxshot will load it automatically.

The second improvement (kudos to Sergio) is the automatic “normalization” of external shapes. For example if your shape is small and moved far from the scene center, Boxshot will adjust its scale and position for you, so you see it exactly as any built-in shape. This happens only when you drop a file to the application window, and you can undo this if you like (Edit->Undo).

And the third old new feature is “Generate backfaces” checkbox that helps fixing some external shapes pretty well.

Please test all the features and let me know if I missed something :)

Demo Mode

As it was mentioned in the comments, it would be nice to see all the shapes in the demo mode. So be it! Now the demo-version of Boxshot shows all the shapes it has. Even flexibles are there, so test them all to make sure Boxshot is right for you, but remember that this is the Ultimate-edition set of shapes and Home or Professional edition do not have all of them.

Other News

Tagged box shape is added, some minor bugs are fixed. Nothing really important, compared to the two news above.

Next Steps

The plan is to release one more version before Christmas. Collada and Box Shot 3D files are the two main goals, so stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter or this blog and watch this space :)