Barcode 2.5 beta

15 Jun 2023

This update improves batch processing for complex barcodes like VCard and WiFi QR Codes and more…

Variables in Barcode Data

Barcode lets you use variables in custom text elements. This update adds variables support to barcode data. This means you can now setup your barcode with a text like “PREFIX {value1} {value2}” and then run a batch series with the table having columns named “value1” and “value2”.

This makes a lot of sense when processing complex barcodes like VCard QR Code or WiFi QR Code: you can now have a separate data column for each field of the barcodes. The same applies to GS-1 barcodes: you can now provide application identifiers and data blocks in separate columns for batch processing.

It works exactly the same way as variables in custom texts. Note that barcodes may return errors when the variables are used as data — this needs to be ignored, as variables only make sense in batch or command line processing.

Other Changes

  • VCard QR Code got URL field added;
  • Barcodes list is updated faster on deletions and renames;
  • Barcodes filtering is cancelled if a new barcode is added;
  • Better naming of batch-generated barcodes if the barcode data is too complex.

Overall, this update is mostly about batch processing, so consider giving it a good try if you make barcodes in bulk.

Thank you :)