Barcode 2.5.3 beta

17 Oct 2023

A few more features before we release version 2.5.

QR Codes

The update adds the Mask parameter to QR codes, so you can select one of the 8 appearances of the symbol you make. The mask is a feature of QR codes that let them have different looks while containing the same data. Usually the mask is selected automatically by the generator to fit the technical rules like 50/50 white/black balance, but you can switch to the manual mode and select the one that maybe makes a better looking symbol. Give it a try.

Another feature of this update is the Empty Space option for QR codes. This allows you to put a logotype or any other artwork in the middle of the QR code. Although they are not designed to contain extra graphics, their error tolerance makes it possible to “damage” some of the elements with a picture. The software tries its best to keep the barcode readable, but consider following the rules from the tutorial link below to make sure the code is readable.

Read more about QR codes with images…

Other Changes

Besides that the Excel file import for batch barcode generation is improved. Now complex files with crazy formulas are loaded better :)