Barcode 2.5.2 beta

25 Jul 2023

One more beta version to make sure all the recent issues are addressed.

Names Based on Barcode Data

When exporting file names based on barcode data the software now uses “fixed” names by default. This means that the exported name now looks exactly as the barcode data in preview.

Say if you miss a check digit in EAN–13, you will still see it in preview and you will now get it in the exported file name.

Scripted File Names Everywhere

The previous update of Barcode added optional JavaScript processing of exported file name. This update uses the same script for drag and drop and copy/paste export modes and also for batch processing.

There is a minor change in the list of parameters passed to the script, have a look at the Export.js tutorial for more details.

Errors in Batch Processing

In batch mode if the output files are named after the barcode data, the full and “fixed” data is used for naming the files. Exactly as in the manual mode.

All the batch processing errors are now highlighted and the total number of errors is displayed at the end of the batch for your convenience.

Other Changes

Besides that a number of other small changes have been made:

  • window position restoring improved for multi–monitor setups;
  • barcode tooltips appearance improved;
  • barcode scale is added to exported data and to the tooltips;
  • some typos fixed.