Barcode 2.4.1

03 Nov 2022

This is a public release of Barcode 2.4 with new BC412 symbology, proper colors on Mac and some bugfixes. Keep reading for more details.

BC412 Barcodes

Meet the new addition to our list: BC412 barcode. It is used for marking silicon wafers, or anywhere else where the space is limited.

Read more about BC412 barcodes

Other Changes

Besides the new BC412 symbology, some other things were done compared to version 2.3:

  • GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional barcodes generation fixed;
  • The software displays proper barcode colors on Mac OS;
  • Broken barcode projects are now handled better;
  • Barcode projects are saved in a safe manner to prevent them from breaking.