Barcode 2.3 beta

21 Apr 2022

The first beta version of Barcode 2.3 adds multiple data support for batch barcode generation and improves some other things.

Batch Processing

You can now load Excel and CSV files to batch barcodes generator and populate custom texts with the spreadsheet data. You can also name output files using the source data. All the options are available both in user interface and as command line options.

See the updated tutorials below for more information:

The software tries to be smart when importing your CSV and Excel files, but if something doesn’t work as expected — please let us know.

Other Changes

The update improves the font rendering quality in preview and raster export. You will see the difference if you had any issues with custom texts in the past.

The {main} variable in custom texts has been replaced with {data} for consistency with other custom variables and batch generation. The old variable is still supported, but it is recommended to start using the new one instead.