Barcode 2.1 beta

21 May 2021

Here come the fixes for most of the issues you reported and also a better color processing. The changes are:

  • the proper export of background color when saving or dragging barcodes;
  • CMYK and RGB color processing improved for better colors;
  • temporary files for barcode drag and drop are now generated in user’s profile folder instead of the temp one;
  • the names of those temporary files are now better checked for incorrect characters;
  • “Reveal in Finder/Explorer” option added to the barcode popup menu, so you can easily locate the data files for copying or backup;
  • batch export mode got “overwrite existing files” option;
  • border width option added to ITF–14 barcode;
  • alternative saving mode added that always uses the barcode contents instead of the last used name;
  • zoom to fit option added to barcode editor, barcodes are now zoomed to fit when opened.

We have also updated some core components of the application, so it now works natively on ARM Macs. On Intel, the minimum supported version of macOS is 10.13. As for Windows — the system requirements are still the same: Windows 7 or higher and 64–bit CPU.