Barcode 2.1.3

23 Aug 2021

This update improves color processing for RGB–based output formats.

The Problem

Internally Barcode used to rely on CMYK for storing colors and this worked just fine for vector output like PDF and EPS. But for raster formats and the recently added SVG we need RGB instead of CMYK.

In one of the previous updates we implemented proper CMYK to RGB conversion based on color profiles, but the problem is that for standard profiles 100% black in CMYK is not 100% black in RGB. We ended up in a weird situation, as although the color processing is technically correct, there is no easy way to get proper RGB colors.

This update addresses the issue.

The Solution

Barcode was updated to use both CMYK and RGB colors internally, so if you edit CMYK parameters in the color selector, Barcode stores the color as CMYK. If you edit RGB parameters — the color is considered RGB. This lets you have proper colors in both color systems by using the right sliders.

Now if you need a specific RGB color — use RGB sliders, if you need CMYK — use the CMYK ones. Simple :)