Barcode 2.1.1 beta

03 Jun 2021

This update adds new symbologies and fixes export problems discovered in the previous version.

Barcodes Export

PDF and EPS barcodes export has been fixed, so everything should be working well again, compared to the previous beta version.

New SVG export format has been added for exporting vector barcodes to non–professional applications.

Finally, you can copy the currently edited barcode using Ctrl–C/Cmd–C keyboard shortcut or using Edit → Copy menu item. Note that not all the applications support barcodes pasting, so you can always revert to drag–n–drop or export options, if needed. You can configure barcode export formats in settings.

User Interface

Mouse wheel zoom option has been added. As the mouse wheel is used for scrolling by default, hold Ctrl/Cmd key to zoom with the mouse wheel.

New Symbologies

This update adds GS1 DataMatrix barcode and some postal barcodes used in US, UK and Australia. Give them a try and let us know if they need any improvements.