Barcode 1.6

24 Nov 2016

We’ve added NDC (National Drug Code) symbology and also improved some other aspects of the application. Read on for more information.

National Drug Code (NDC) Symbology

It is pretty much the same as UPC–A, but have some differences like optional dashes and N letter, so we added it as a separate barcode type with some specific checking rules. You can read more about NDC barcodes here.

Color Improvements

Starting from this update, all the texts and other graphics elements of the barcode (except for crop marks) are using the same color, as the barcode itself. This helps to keep the output image consistent, especially if you use spot colors.

Crop marks have been updated and now use correct registration color instead of rich black CMYK.

Other Improvements

There is a new option to control human readable text size for some of the barcodes. It is at the second page (Appearance), you can read more about it here.

We also improved UI appearance for the latest macOS Sierra and enabled Retina displays support.