Barcode 1.3

14 Apr 2015

It’s been a while since we last updated Barcode, so here is the new version with new symbologies and bugfixes. This version is the first non-beta version of Barcode, which means the application is proved itself stable enough for the production usage. Read more for the full list of changes.

What is new?

This release comes with three new barcodes:

It also fixes some minor issues discovered in the previous version and adds some nice features:

  • “Full ASCII” option has been added to Code 39;
  • Color picker now displays CMYK values in percents;
  • The font used for ISBN barcode text can be customized;
  • One more template for ISBN barcode text has been added;
  • Custom texts export has been improved to keep the text dimension the same;
  • Barcode preview screen now displays the barcodes you configured, not the default ones;
  • Custom texts can be configured using the command line.

Please let us know if you still missing something, using the comments below, your feedback is much appreciated.

Have a nice day!