Barcode 1.1 has been released

16 Jul 2014

Here is the very first update to our new Barcode application. New codes, new features and so on…

New Codes

This new version supports CODE-39, PHARMA code, PDF-417 and Data Matrix codes. Also the ISBN code got support of various country-specific price formats and new isbn-text formatting options.

Please feel free to suggest the codes you need in comments below, or by contacting support.

Spot Colors

This update allows you to assign names to both front and back colors, so when the code is saved to EPS the names are exported as spot colors freeing you from messing with CMYK values.

Anything else?

We have fixed several issues and hopefully added no new ones :) Please feel free to suggest new features, report bugs and purchase licenses :)

That’s all for now, have a nice day!