Ai Toolbox and New Tutorials

23 Sep 2021

Conical Label has been replaced with Ai Toolbox on the website and we added some Ai Toolbox and Barcode tutorials. Read on for more details.

Conical Label → Ai Toolbox

As announced earlier we renamed Conical Label plugin to Ai Toolbox and the website is now updated to reflect that change.

You can find the plugin at its new homepage — check the nice new sliding screenshots there.

If you currently have a valid Conical Label plugin license, it should keep working with Ai Toolbox. If you don’t have a license — give Ai Toolbox a try and maybe you’ll find its new features useful.

Ai Toolbox Tutorials

The new tutorials are about the new features of Ai Toolbox, compared to the old Conical Label plugin:

Barcode Tutorials

Have a look if you work with barcodes and want to know something new about UPC barcodes:

Here you can find information about raster and vector export formats, spot colors and color spaces:

Finally, this is a very promising concept of a single SVG file that draws itself as a QR code. No dependencies, no maintenance, no coding. Just a single file that simply works.

That’s all for today, stay safe!