Ai Toolbox 2.1 beta

28 Mar 2022

This is a first beta version of Ai Toolbox 2.1 and it comes with some new text–related operations. Read on for more details…

Before We Start

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Merging Texts

You can now merge multiple text elements into one by keeping lines and formatting. This is good for preparing PDF files for editing and many other uses. Simply select the block of assorted separate text elements and the plugin will do the rest.

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Dynamic Texts

Now you can make any text object to display the date and time of the last edit, the name of the user made the changes, the list of fonts or inks being used and much more. The plugin uses standard text elements, so the result can be viewed even without Ai Toolbox installed.

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Other Changes

This update also adds a starting index to the batch renaming feature, so you can have the items indexed starting with a particular number. Besides that, some minor user interface changes were also made to improve the experience.