Ai Toolbox 2.1.1

12 Apr 2022

This update adds customizable color bars and further improves dynamic texts and batch renaming in Illustrator.

Before We Start

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Color Bars

Ai Toolbox now lets you add highly customizable color bars to display the inks used by the document. You can configure the position, direction and flow of the color bar elements and best of all, their appearance. Ai Toolbox automatically updates color bars to reflect the recent changes, so you always get a consistent project. Use the links below to read about color bars:

Texts Operation

If you haven’t tried the beta version, give the new text options a try. This update improves dynamic texts to better get information about the project. Click the links for more information:

Batch Rename

This update adds multiple new paths and layers collections to batch renaming command. You can now select from visible and hidden, locked and unlocked, selected and unselected paths and layers.

Another new renaming feature is case conversion, so you can choose between lower, upper and title case.

If you haven’t tried the beta version, you will also notice the starting index option for index–based renaming.