Boxshot 5.5.1 beta

31 Aug 2022

This is the second beta of Boxshot 5.5 mostly focused on materials improvements, but it also adds some other features. Read on for more details.

Boxshot 5.5 beta

09 Aug 2022

This is the first beta version of Boxshot 5.5 and the main feature of this version is GPU rendering support on Windows. However, that’s not all, so keep reading for more details.

Origami 3.2.3

24 Jul 2022

This update fixes rendering with Boxshot on Windows, consider installing the update if you use the feature.

Origami 3.2.2

09 Jul 2022

This update fixes foil mask loading problem that happens in rare and very specific conditions. Consider updating even if you don’t use the foil effect yet.

Boxshot 5.4.6

08 Jun 2022

One more update, this time to fix the batch rendering quality issue. Boxshot now better follows your instructions on the rendering options page in batch and animation modes.

Boxshot 5.4.5

07 Jun 2022

This update fixes crashes on running multiple copies of Boxshot and on copying shape instances in Boxshot Home. Install the update to get the most stable version of the software.

Koru 2.0.5

01 Jun 2022

As announced earlier, Koru Cloud usage terms have changed and this update is released to match the new terms.

Koru Cloud Changes

24 May 2022

We make changes to Koru Cloud starting from June 2022. Read below if you use the service as the changes may affect your scenes.

Koru 2.0.4

06 May 2022

Koru 2 is finally out of beta and is stable enough for production usage. If you haven’t tried the beta yet, read about the new features below. Otherwise, simply skip to the downloads section.

Barcode 2.3.1

04 May 2022

This is a stable release of Barcode 2.3 with improved batch rendering. Keep reading if you haven’t tried this in the beta yet.