Boxshot 5.7.2

09 May 2024

This is a bugfix update for some problems discovered recently, but it also adds a nice little feature for those who uses vector artwork with Boxshot.

Koru 2.1.1

30 Mar 2024

Here goes a public release of Koru 2.1. Read on for more details…

Barcode 2.5.6

11 Feb 2024

This update improves batch barcode generation speed a lot. Consider installing it if you make barcodes in bulk.

Boxshot 5.7.1

09 Feb 2024

This update adds the long awaited support for the units of measurements and more.

Koru 2.1 beta

01 Feb 2024

Here come some new features for Koru. Have a look, especially if you use the command line mode.

Origami 3.3.4

06 Jan 2024

Another update addressing the recent Illustrator problems.

Origami 3.3.3

13 Dec 2023

This update fixes compatibility issues between Origami and Illustrator 2024 version 28.1.

Boxshot 5.7 beta

04 Dec 2023

Here goes a new beta for the curious ones! This time you get… Well, keep reading :)

Origami 3.3.2

17 Nov 2023

This is a minor update that fixes a problem with textures in preview. If you see unneeded black bars on your boxes — this will fix that. If you don’t — consider updating anyway.

Barcode 2.5.5

07 Nov 2023

The update fixes a few recently discovered issues with batch barcode generation.