Boxshot 5.5.6

02 Dec 2022

After some extended beta testing Boxshot 5.5 is finally ready for production use and if you haven’t tried the beta versions, have a look at the new features it offers.

Boxshot 5.5.6 release candidate 3

29 Nov 2022

OK, one more release candidate as more problems are discovered. This update fixes GPU rendering on Mac for cropped textures.

Boxshot 5.5.5 release candidate 2

23 Nov 2022

A few more problems were reported since the last update, so here is the update for that update.

Boxshot 5.5.4 release candidate

13 Nov 2022

Just a couple of small issues fixed before we can release version 5.5 of Boxshot to the public.

Barcode 2.4.1

03 Nov 2022

This is a public release of Barcode 2.4 with new BC412 symbology, proper colors on Mac and some bugfixes. Keep reading for more details.

Illustrator 2023

19 Oct 2022

Adobe released Illustrator 2023, so here are the updates for AI Toolbox and Origami to support the new Illustrator.

Barcode 2.4 beta

05 Oct 2022

This update adds BC412 symbology and fixes GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional barcodes generation. It also improves colors appearance on Mac OS.

Boxshot 5.5.3 beta

02 Oct 2022

This update is about improving the embedded model editor, but it also fixes a number of issues reported earlier.

Boxshot 5.5.2 beta

24 Sep 2022

This update adds so called “texture slots” that let you fine–tune each image used in materials. More details and screenshots are inside.

Boxshot 5.5.1 beta

31 Aug 2022

This is the second beta of Boxshot 5.5 mostly focused on materials improvements, but it also adds some other features. Read on for more details.