Origami 3.1.4

17 Sep 2021

This update improves the dieline outline detection and provides more details in case of problems with outlines.

Boxshot 5.3.8

10 Sep 2021

This update fixes some Windows–related issues and improves missing files processing. More details are inside.

Conical Label → Ai Toolbox

09 Sep 2021

The Conical Label plugin is being renamed to “Ai Toolbox” and is getting new features. Keep reading for more details.

Boxshot 5.3.7

02 Sep 2021

This update fixes a few issues discovered since the latest release. More details and downloading links are below.

Boxshot 5.3.6

27 Aug 2021

This is a first stable release of Boxshot 5.3 and it comes with features increasing the rendering speed. Read on for more details.

Barcode 2.1.3

23 Aug 2021

This update improves color processing for RGB–based output formats.

Origami 3.1.3

30 Jul 2021

Origami 3.1 is here and if you haven’t tried the beta versions, there are some really good news below.

Barcode 2.1.2

11 Jul 2021

This update adds new symbologies, export formats and barcode options. Read on for more details if you haven’t tried the beta.

Conical Label 1.5.1

10 Jul 2021

After some testing the new version of Conical Label plugin is out of beta and features native Apple Silicon support and artboard–based labels.

Boxshot 5.3.5 beta

09 Jul 2021

This update improves transparency rendering, adds missing bits to Metal renderer and brings some other new things.