Barcode 2.5.2 beta

25 Jul 2023

One more beta version to make sure all the recent issues are addressed.

Barcode 2.5.1 beta

17 Jul 2023

This update changes the way the exported barcodes are named, adds metadata to exported files and more.

Boxshot 5.6.5

28 Jun 2023

This update fixes recently discovered issues with rendering and user interface. Read on for more details.

Barcode 2.5 beta

15 Jun 2023

This update improves batch processing for complex barcodes like VCard and WiFi QR Codes and more…

Origami 3.3 beta

23 May 2023

Here comes a new beta version of Origami with a new export format and new dieline verification options.

Boxshot 5.6.4

17 May 2023

This update fixes some issues with processing of empty objects and is highly recommended to everyone.

Boxshot 5.6.3

02 May 2023

After some beta–testing we are happy to announce the first public release of Boxshot 5.6! Read on if you haven’t tried the beta yet.

Boxshot 5.6.2 beta

06 Apr 2023

One more update for Boxshot 5.6 (still a beta) with fixes for HTML exporter, preset panels and books.

Ai Toolbox 2.1.3

03 Apr 2023

This update adds a “Step” parameter to the “Rename everything” tool of the plugin.

Boxshot 5.6.1 beta

30 Mar 2023

Another beta release of Boxshot 5.6 with improved shrink wrap simulator and some old new features.