Apple M1 Max vs M1 in Boxshot

05 Nov 2021

So two weeks after Apple announced their M1 Pro and Max processors, we’ve got a shiny new 14" MacBook Pro with M1 Max inside to test it with Boxshot renderer.

Ai Toolbox 2.0.2

27 Oct 2021

Adobe Illustrator 2022 support added, “Select Same Font” option removed for the new Illustrator, as it now has its own one.

Origami 3.1.5

27 Oct 2021

The update adds Adobe Illustrator 2022 support, improves the folding engine and fixes some issues you reported.

Boxshot 5.4 beta

22 Oct 2021

This update adds object instances, improves gizmo, speeds up OpenGL scene preview and more.

Ai Toolbox 2.0.1

14 Oct 2021

The update fixes conical label generation when the artwork goes beyond the label boundaries.

Ai Toolbox and New Tutorials

23 Sep 2021

Conical Label has been replaced with Ai Toolbox on the website and we added some Ai Toolbox and Barcode tutorials. Read on for more details.

Origami 3.1.4

17 Sep 2021

This update improves the dieline outline detection and provides more details in case of problems with outlines.

Boxshot 5.3.8

10 Sep 2021

This update fixes some Windows–related issues and improves missing files processing. More details are inside.

Conical Label → Ai Toolbox

09 Sep 2021

The Conical Label plugin is being renamed to “Ai Toolbox” and is getting new features. Keep reading for more details.

Boxshot 5.3.7

02 Sep 2021

This update fixes a few issues discovered since the latest release. More details and downloading links are below.