Koru Screenshots

Koru WebGL editor features nice and simple user interface, same on both Windows and Mac platforms. Have a look at some screenshots below showing the application.

Koru materials
Material editor and built-in materials library
Scene tree in Koru
Scene tree and node properties panels
Material and camera parameters in Koru
Material editor and camera parameters

Arrange the panels to create the interface layout that suits your needs the best. Hide or show them, dock them or leave them floating around on the second monitor - Koru lets you customize itself the way you need.

Material editing in Koru
Wide material editor panel
Scene tree and materials in Koru
Scene tree and materials list
Material editor and scene parameters in Koru
Material editor and scene properties

If you used 3D editors before, you'll find yourself at home in a few minutes. If not - it will take about the same time. We did a great job of making the user interface powerful enough, while keeping it simple. You will like it.

Scene tree and other Koru panels
Scene tree, node properties and materials library