Koru Screenshots

Koru features nice and simple user interface, same on Windows and Mac platforms. Have a look at the screenshots below:

Koru scene tree and materials
Sunglasses in Koru, materials options

All the assets are organized on the left, all the parameters — on the right. Click the element you want to change, adjust its options and see the result immediately.

Metallic materials rendering in Koru
Food cans rendered in Koru

The scene you see in preview is exactly the scene your visitors will see in browser.

Coffee cup model
Metallic kettle object in Koru

If you used 3D editors before, you’ll find yourself at home in a few minutes.

If not — it will take about the same time.

We did a great job of making the user interface powerful enough, while keeping it simple. You will like it.

Various plastic materials in Koru

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