How It Works?

You choose a dieline layout from the list, see the preview and configure parameters. When you are happy with what you see, you click the downloading button. We ask your email that we will only use as a backup way of sending you the generated dieline.

We then forward you to PayPal to pay for the generated dieline. The price is $9.99 and we believe your saved time and error–free dieline are worth the money.

Once the order is paid your dieline will be generated for you and you will see it right in your browser. We will also send you a link by email, just in case.

Besides the dieline itself you will get a 3D model in OBJ format, an artwork template, and the interactive 3D preview of the folded box that you can use to test the artwork.

Here are two sample dielines generated by the service: Dieline 1, Dieline 2.