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Dieline Dimensions



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We are about to generate an EPS file for you. Please leave your email below so we can send you the generated dieline.

Invalid email address. Please enter valid email address, as we're going to send the dieline there.

Please note that we charge a fee for the generation. It is just $9.99 that saves about an hour of your time.

If you are not happy about the fee, you can generate a dieline in Origami, where the generation is free if you have a valid and up-to-date license. Give it a try, if you work with dielines - this is a must-have tool!

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We've got your parameters, now all you need is to pay for the generation of the EPS file and we will send it to you immediately by email. Please save your order details below, as you may need them to access the EPS file.

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You now have 1 hour to pay for the generation, please use the button below to pay with your PayPal account or a credit card.

You will get your EPS file by email within seconds after processing your payment.

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