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Depending on your time zone you can expect us answer in about an hour, but please allow us 24 hours to answer you for sure.

However, if your question is not about personal details like license keys or order issues, you can get answer much faster using the options below.

User Manuals

We have detailed user manuals for all the applications, that cover various topics and your question may be already answered there. Have a look at the manual first.


Another great place to have a look is our tutorials that cover most of the basic questions you may have:

Support Forum

If the above doesn’t help, give our support forums a try. Your question may be already asked and answered there. If not - help the community and be the first to ask it. Make sure you post no personal information (like your license keys or order details) to forums, as the forums are public and everything you post there is visible to others.

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Finally, if the above doesn’t help, or if your question is personal, please use the form below to leave us a private message or contact us by email.