Activating Conical Label

When you order a Conical Label plugin license you get a license key by email. The key needs to be copied into the plugin for activation. In order to do that you first need to run the plugin, so start Adobe Illustrator and make a simple “label” project, then click Objects → Conical Label → Make From Selection… menu item to run the plugin:

Running Conical Label plugin from Illustrator

The plugin window will pop up, you need to click the Registration icon at the top and paste the license key into the text field below:

Pasting the license key into the activation panel of the Conical Label plugin

Once the key is there, you can click Register button at the bottom and check the license status in the About panel of the plugin.

The plugin is ready to work immediately after activation. There is no need to restart it or Illustrator. You can simply complete the label you are making.

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